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About us

“Economic consultants, business advisors, think tanks and futurologists abound. But there is only one Prognos.“


To make the right decisions tomorrow, you need reliable analysis today. Prognos is one of Europe’s oldest economic research facilities, catering to your needs. For 60 years we have been supporting private companies, associations, foundations and public sector clients in their endeavours to develop viable strategies for the future.
Our databases, scoreboards and reports are tried and tested both at national and international levels as trusted sources of information for decision makers in economics, politics and society.

We are independent and near you

Prognos has its roots in Switzerland, at the University of Basel, where our company was founded back in 1959. This place forms the backdrop of our general scientific approach, economic expertise and political independence, traits which form the very basis of our services. Today Prognos has spread out and is represented by around 150 experts in nine different locations: Basel, Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg and Brussels. We are there for you on site, we know your area and we know your area’s needs.

We think and work in context 

At Prognos we always work across disciplines. Our teams count economists, geographers, engineers, mathematicians, sociologists and transportation researchers among their experts, working side by side for you. There is an ongoing exchange between our research topics: Demography & Citizens, Globalisation & Regionalisiation, Energy Transition & Infrastructure, Digitalisation & Innovation, Shaping Change, Europe's Future.

What makes us unique? Reliable projections for the future

Prognos AG has tried and tested, steadily growing economic models at its disposal. We use them to develop advanced scenarios to give you an idea of how things may look in times to come. By using detailed analyses, we seek out concrete modes of action. We help you accomplish your goal: giving you a head start when it comes to insight, competition and time.