Climate & Sustainability

Addressing climate change smartly & consistently.

Society is facing two major challenges: stopping climate change and conserving natural resources. National economies and states must abandon established patterns and move towards a new, green way for economic activity. At the same time, measures must be taken to manage those consequences of global warming which can no longer be averted.

However, not everyone will benefit from this transformation process: How can we make the transformation socially just and still give developing and emerging countries room to prosper? How can target conflicts between economy and ecology be resolved? What can small and medium-sized enterprises do to become more sustainable?

The challenges in the field of climate and sustainability seem overwhelming. With analyses and model-based recommendations for action, we find practical answers to the urgent questions related to Climate Protection & Adaptation, Sustainability and Green Economy. Together, we look to a greener future – and make it a reality.

Climate Protection & Adaptation

Climate change – the global challenge. Climate change mitigation targets its causes; climate adaptation tries to manage its impacts.


Sustainability combines economic prosperity and social cohesion with the protection of our natural resources.

Green Economy

Sustainable, decarbonized and circular – the green economy unites ecological solutions with economic opportunities.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Panel discussion: An EU-wide landfill ban on untreated municipal waste

| Event

Dr. Bärbel Birnstengel presents the results of the study on the CO2 reduction potential of the European waste management industry at a panel discussion in Brussels.

DG REGIO – Evaluation of the European Green Deal

| Project

How effective has the EU cohesion policy been in driving green change in Europe? This and other questions are being investigated jointly with COWI, Milieu, and CSIL, on behalf of the European Commission (DG REGIO).

Klima-Hackathon in NRW

| Event

Studierende verschiedenster Fachrichtungen aus NRW haben die Chance, Lösungsansätze für die unternehmerische Klimaanpassung zu entwickeln.

Webinar: Monitoring the Transition to Circular Economy

| Event

Jannis Lambert and Tim Bichlmeier talk about monitoring concepts for the Circular Economy and present a self-assessment tool.

Dutch Circular Economy Week: Workshop on circular business models

| Event

Greta Dekker presents the work of the Green Economy Network (KNUW) and introduces participants to circular business models using a learning game.

Evolving23 – Climate adaption in rural areas

| Event

The Evolving23 conference focuses on the implementation of climate adaptation measures. Lukas Eiserbeck provides information on financing climate adaptation measures.

Impact of e-commerce on CO2 emissions and air pollution

| Project

We examined retail transport chains for the EU Commission. For the environment, long-distance transport to the EU and the “last mile” play a crucial role.

The world negotiates on climate

| News

On Sunday, the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) begins. Various media sources have picked up on Prognos’ studies and expertise.

Eleven measures to achieve 2030 climate target

| Project

Germany risks not hitting its 2030 climate objectives. The Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft proposes eleven measures. We assessed their impact on climate protection in the transport and building sectors.

No generational conflict: Young and old are primarily looking for security.

| Project

Study compares “boomers” and Generation Z: high need for security for young and old alike.

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