Dialogue & Acceptance

Shaping social change collectively.

Societal change is not abstract: Many changes have direct impacts on the lives of citizens. Communication and participation processes help to collectively shape social change. They foster pluralistic discussions and lasting solutions. Stakeholder dialogues create acceptance of necessary measures among the population and broaden the perspective of both institutions and companies.

Successful dialog – successful conflict management

In controversial debates, early involvement of citizens can dispel existing concerns and contribute to objectivity in controversial debates. Personal exchange promotes mutual understanding and sharpens the eye for common solutions, even in heated discussions. A professional, tailor-made process design is decisive for successful civic participation: From the selection of suitable formats, to on-site communication and moderation as well as the commitment to stick to the results – all this makes a dialog process successful.

Acceptance through participation

One strategy for achieving greater public acceptance is intensive communication, especially with local stakeholders, as our experience of over 30 years has shown. Citizen participation and stakeholder dialogues are therefore central components of planning and change processes today.

Dialogue & Acceptance: A selection of our services

Stakeholder dialog and citizen involvement 

On important societal issues, differing interests tend to clash. We shape successful dialogue processes by taking into account the views of all stakeholders. As a mediating agent between different interest groups, we always remain objective.

Strategic Communication

We anticipate upcoming trends, sentiments and conflicts and use this information to derive recommendations for our clients. In direct communication, we translate highly complicated content into understandable, yet accurate, language.

Conflict Moderation and Mediation 

We interact with representatives of a broad variety of viewpoints – and we do it as early as possible. This is how we resolve conflicts before they escalate. We develop proposals for solutions and compromises, even where fronts have hardened. We create the space for arrangements that all parties can accept.

Approval and Project Management 

A goal-oriented, on-time and high-quality implementation of our projects is a matter of course for us. To us, high-quality work means planning carefully, developing reliable results and communicating them in a comprehensible manner. This includes ensuring an organizational framework equipped with the necessary safeguards, while leaving room for flexible project processing that can be adapted to changing conditions.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Centre (ITZ) is feasible

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The Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Centre (ITZ) is feasible. Four locations form a network across Germany.

Gas 2030 Dialogue Process – First Balance Sheet

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Gas will maintain its role in the energy system until 2050. This is one of the results of the Ministry of Economy’s dialogue process, Gas 2030. Prognos was a contributor to the input paper.

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