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Contact Brussels

Contact Brussels

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer

Prognos AG
Résidence Palace, Block C
4 th Floor
Rue de la Loi 155
1040 Brussels

Tel.: 0032 28089-947

Competence Centre for EU-Services

  • Prognos office Brussels

    Résidence Palace

At the Prognos office in Brussels, we are close to the action and experience political Europe in real time. We answer your questions with scientific expertise, strategic thinking, and practical relevance. For sixty years, Prognos has been supporting clients from public institutions and stakeholder groups based on our vast experience in the field of public policy at European level.

Our Competence Centre for EU-Services is a centre of expertise for European public policy and strategy. We provide research and consulting services along the full policy cycle, ranging from research studies, strategy and programme development, and policy analysis to evaluations and impact assessments – covering a wide range of policy areas. We mainly work with European institutions, agencies, and bodies, but we also work with Member States and stakeholder associations that operate at European level to jointly develop smart answers for a stronger Europe.

We bring solutions to clients across five policy fields:

1. Digitalisation and Innovation

Innovation and digitalisation are what drive the economy and society forward. Our re-searchers know the decisive trends and innovations and can advise you on them. Prognos has worked on more than 50 projects in the field of digitalisation alone over recent years, from macroeconomic assessments to sector-specific studies and regional initiatives. We develop answers to our client’s questions based on empirical studies and analyses. These consider questions about financing and the optimal use of resources as well as regional or sectoral specifics and technological trends. With our evaluation competence, we support our clients in complex decision-making processes to design and improve programmes and measures in the field of innovation, research, industry, knowledge economy, and creative industries. In doing so, we keep an eye on both European and national perspectives, countries and regions.

2. Globalisation and Regionalisation

The world is growing closer together - the global with the local, the near with the distant. Prognos' experts explore the effects, potential, and prospects of globalisation at all levels. Our macroeconomic models are unique and offer not only a robust view into the future but also help in understanding current uncertainties by means of comprehensive scenarios. At the regional level, this requires sound analysis and forward-looking solutions. We provide the appropriate answers with strategy and action concepts for business development, regional development concepts, and future visions, as well as analysis and support in network and cluster processes. At European level, we support our clients in the future design of Cohesion Policy by means of policy studies or evaluations.

3. Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

The energy transition is complex and is a real game-changer. We know how this will play out and will accompany you across the finish line. We are recognised experts on large-scale energy models, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, with clients from all spectrums of industry and society - from NGOs to energy corporations, from international organisations to national ministries. Whether private sector or public sector: in order to ensure a secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy supply tomorrow, new strategies are needed. With wellfounded analyses, exact forecasts, and professional evaluations we show you possible ways into the future. We identify economic opportunities and risks, define your specific need for action - for example, when it comes to how markets will develop in the long term - and translate these insights into feasible concepts.

4. Demography and Citizens 

In an age globalisation, the knowledge society, and demographic change, the proven systems of our social market economy must be realigned to meet the conditions of the 21st century. Prognos supports its clients in this process - with years of experience, sound expertise and strategic competence. Together, we develop sustainable strategies and concepts that respond to the questions of the moment. Together we implement them. In times of demographic change, the welfare state is in demand more than ever: it must help empower people to find their way in the changing world. The state must invest in the future of its children, in education and science, and at the same time to ensure the basic security of its dependents, the elderly and the sick.

5. Shaping Change – Better Regulation 

What must public administrations set up today to be prepared for tomorrow? Which organisational forms are adapted to achieving goals? What staff is needed? How can public investments succeed? Our experts give orientation to the public sector. We understand the complex requirements of modern management and develop tailormade strategies for our clients. Important topics of state and administrative modernisation are not only connected with the model of the lean state, but rather rely on better quality standards that increase the effectiveness of laws and regulations. For this reason, an evidence-based policy is becoming increasingly important.

Some of our recent thinking on Europe can also be found in our trendletter © magazine, special edition “EUROPE: What for?

Forming specialist teams

In the Prognos office in Brussels we experience the political Europe in real time. We answer your questions with scientific expertise, strategic thinking, and practical relevance. Cooperation with specialists in the German and Swiss offices of Prognos adds local and national perspectives to our work and helps us to be able to deliver the best possible understanding of complex subject matters. Prognos can draw on multi-disciplinary teams of experts that work together to solve your questions.
Our long-standing experience with monitoring, evaluations, and impact assessments in all thematic areas that Prognos covers, has provided our team with the technical expertise necessary to be a competent advisor to the public sector at European, national and, regional level.  

We work most closely with the European Commission, but we also regularly support intergovernmental initiatives (such as EUREKA, COST), the European Investment Bank, as well as industry associations or networks.

Our experts in Brussels are wellconnected and have vast knowledge of the EU institutions and policies. When combined with our subjectmatter experts from the various Prognos offices or our large network of collaborating partners from research and consulting, we are in a strong position to support European institutions in implementing large, complex, pan-European projects.

Selected credentials

Since our landmark publication on the preparedness of European firms for the Single European Market in 1986, expert teams at Prognos have continuously supported European clients in various important policy questions. A selection of our recent credentials includes:  

European Framework Contracts

Prognos also supports the European Commission in several Framework Contracts, including:

  • Economic studies and analyses related to impact assessments and evaluations (Multiple Framework contract No. 575/PP/2016/FC)
    client: European Commission, DG GROW
  • Studies in Support to Research and Innovation Policy in the areas of Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage and Clean Coal (Multiple Framework Contract N° PP-02161-2014)
    client: European Commission, DG RTD
  • Impact Assessment and Evaluation Support Studies in the field of Transport (Multiple Framework Contract MOVE/A3/2017-257)
    client: European Commission, DG MOVE
  • Support studies in the field of evaluations and impact assessment in the area of State Aid policies (Multiple Framework N° COMP/2017/013)
    client: European Commission, DG COMP
  • Assistance to the Commission on the implementation of the revised waste legislation, assessment of Waste Management Plans and monitoring of compliance with the Waste Framework (Multiple Framework N° 2017/S 092-181220)
    client: European Commission, DG ENV