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Demography, Family & Participation

Demography, Family & Participation

"The stabilization of social cohesion is considered a great challenge of our time!"

Demographic and economic developments, the restructuring of welfare systems or a changed interpretation of values and norms influence our individual working and private lives and repeatedly put social cohesion as a whole to the test.

A central challenge of social modernisation is to see the increasing diversity of life plans as a special quality of togetherness. For this to succeed, a central task of the welfare state is to shape the framework conditions for corresponding opportunities for development and to compensate for disadvantages where active participation in society is in question. These include the effective support of different family life plans, the harmonisation of the starting chances of children and young people, the social integration of people with a migration background or the promotion of the participation of people with disabilities in all areas of social life.

Prognos AG has been dealing for many years with a multitude of relevant topics in the field of demography, family & participation and helps to further develop the existing instruments and strategies in an effect-oriented manner.