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Health & Care

Health & Care

"Not "more" but "better" will determine the development of the health and care market."

As prosperity increases, so does the importance of health care for the population. Medical-technological progress, increased expectations and an aging population are causing health expenditure to rise faster than economic development. In order to maintain high quality and good accessibility for all citizens, it is necessary to continuously improve the structures, processes and results of the health system.

We know what the "on-site" supply should look like: Based on comprehensive analyses, Prognos AG prepares medium and long-term forecasts of the health situation and needs as well as the care situation in the various service areas of local medical, rehabilitative and nursing care. In particular, the securing of specialists and the possibilities of prevention are always in focus.

We know what's worth it: Prognos has been analysing efficiency and effectiveness potentials for many years in the scientific monitoring of new care and tariff models of statutory health insurance - such as family doctor networks, DMPs and integrated care models.

We know the social and economic value: Prognos AG has repeatedly examined the importance of medical rehabilitation for society and the national economy and has worked out its contribution to securing the performance of employees, which is becoming particularly important against the background of demographic developments.

We can care: Older people want to live independently for as long as possible. The policy therefore strives, among other things, to strengthen domestic care in need of help and care. In order to achieve this goal, systematic solutions are required with which various alternatives can be optimally combined. Prognos AG's evaluation methods create the necessary transparency regarding the effectiveness of the instruments used.

We work and think in scenarios: Against the background of rising health and care expenditure with stagnating contributions, Prognos AG is investigating the effects of different options for financing health and care insurance at the micro- and macroeconomic level (see also Social Security Policy Area).