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Climate Adaptation & Sustainability

Climate Adaptation & Sustainability

"Adaptation to the consequences of climate change, like sustainable development, is a long-term megatopic of regional development."

In the policy areas of climate adaptation and sustainability, mental and economic challenges must be overcome so that the issues are anchored in the management of companies on the one hand and addressed in the regions on the other. In both cases, the dispute is highly forward-looking.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, dealing with climate risks is an operational and strategic management task. Against the background of global interdependencies, the supply chain can be seen as the Achilles' heel for climate risks. Prognos AG's work focuses on the value chain, which focuses on the company's core processes while at the same time enabling an inter-company view. In the regional and local context, adaptation to climate change must be anchored in development processes. A great deal of importance is attached to organisational and integrative integration.

Sustainability covers a wide range of forward-looking questions and fields of work. In contrast to climate adaptation, the importance of sustainability is already more often anchored in the future strategies of many regions and companies. Numerous actors face the complex task of deepening (implementation) processes and further driving forward the dynamics. The complexity of the topic and the far-reaching needs for action require a cooperative approach that brings together politicians, companies and civil society actors.