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Mobility & Transport

Mobility & Transport

Mobility and Transport

Our transport experts offer consulting services for all future-oriented questions relating to passenger and freight transport. The spectrum ranges from traffic analyses and forecasts, transport policy and strategy consulting, transport infrastructure consulting, transport market analyses and programme evaluation to project support for transport projects.

The "Mobility & Transport" division was founded in 2014 after the former independent ProgTrans AG was integrated into Prognos AG on 1 January 2014.

Its clientele includes clients from politics and administration at municipal, regional, national and international level, from production, trading and service companies, from the transport industry and transport companies, from the construction industry and the banking sector as well as from national and international organisations and associations.

The Mobility & Transport division has comprehensive data on passenger and freight transport and a large number of models developed in-house. These and the know-how of the interdisciplinary team make it possible to answer customers' questions, for example about future traffic development, the short and long-term development of transport and transport markets or infrastructure financing, thus providing support for strategic decisions.

Our consulting services in the area of passenger and freight transport:

  • infrastructure assessment
  • Rating for car fleets (Ecoflot)
  • Development of the passenger car population (passenger car forecasting tool)
  • Systematic measurement of bicycle/bicycle traffic (RadAR)
  • Tailor-made traffic data (progbase)
  • Development of the transport markets (Transport Market Barometer)