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Our fields of activity include passenger and freight transport by road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air. We also have references in local public transport and non-motorised transport. 

Our advice covers the following areas:

  • Traffic analyses and forecasts: We analyze for you the traffic of today and yesterday. Building on this, we work with you to formulate conclusive scenarios and forecast the traffic events of tomorrow.
  • Transport policy and strategy consulting: In this area, we develop neutral foundations for political opinion-forming. As an investor, owner or service provider, you will find the basis for your further strategic orientation in our expert opinions.
  • Transport infrastructure assessment: With the help of our traffic and network models, relevant planning software and our many years of experience in the field of Public Private Partnership (PPP), we support you in the macroeconomic evaluation of infrastructure facilities.
  • Transport market analyses: We analyse for you the markets and techniques in the field of transport and traffic. If required, we provide you with qualitative and quantitative estimates for future market developments.
  • Program evaluation and project support: We accompany extensive projects or research programs, evaluate their benefits, costs or other effects. At the same time, we also monitor and evaluate the implementation of such programs.

In the individual subject areas, we also deal with issues in the cross-cutting field of "Transport and the Environment", because the environmental impacts we consider result from the intensity of transport demand, from the production and type of means of transport used, and from the construction and use of transport infrastructures.

Our comprehensive databases are continuously maintained and updated. In connection with data on population, economy, energy and environment, they form an important basis of our work. 

In our project work, we use a large number of self-developed models. Our forecasting and profitability models are in great demand. Of course, we also work with standard software products for traffic planning, traffic simulation, statistical analyses and GIS applications.

On this basis, we have developed a range of products that are directly applicable to you and provide quick decision-making aids for a variety of issues. These include e.g:

  • progbase
  • Research, analysis and processing of traffic data
  • RadAR
  • Cycle traffic analysis and report: Systematic measurement of cycle and bicycle traffic
  • ascertainment of loss: Support claims for damages with professional and economic expertise
  • Progeco 
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in transport / Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in transport
  • infrastructure assessment: Analysis, prognosis and evaluation of expansion measures of the transport infrastructure
  • EcoFlot: Economic and ecological evaluation for vehicle fleets
  • car forecasting tool: Estimation of inventory developments