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Our many years of experience in preparing studies on the subject of transport have shown us time and again that published and generally accessible statistics rarely meet the specific requirements. Based on this experience, we offer you the possibility of generating tailor-made data for you. 

If, for example:

  • as a traffic planner you need a detailed data basis for your investigation,
  • as a research institution or government institution to analyse traffic flows,
  • as a transport company want to estimate market shares or market potentials,
  • as an investor, economic promoter or municipal politician, are looking for or want to evaluate locations for logistics real estate or other transport activities,
  • as a specialist journalist need traffic data at short notice,

we provide you with harmonised data tailored to your purposes. No matter whether you need historical data or forecasts on short, medium or long-term developments. 

We can, for example, generate the following evaluations from our database: 

  • Traffic data on truck and car traffic (number of vehicles) for the current situation or for different forecast years
  • Transport quantities or passenger journeys (tonnes, passenger journeys) by type of good and purpose of journey
  • Traffic generation from regions, municipalities and industrial areas or logistics centres.

You send us your data request, for which we then within a few working days create a concrete description with effort calculation and schedule for data delivery and coordinate with you. After receipt of the order and a down payment, we will deliver the data to you within the time frame provided.