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Waste & Raw Materials

Waste & Raw Materials

"Rethinking the environmental service branch: From municipal waste management planning to raw material and energy supply for industry"

The planning of waste disposal safety at the level of the municipalities (cities and districts) and the federal states, as well as for the Federal Government and all EU member states, is an essential and important waste management element. This planning instrument has a new role to play in times of sustainable environmental and economic policy, i.e. one that focuses on the conservation and efficiency of resources, in which the aspects of climate protection and the growth opportunities of the economy as well as the overall social context also play an important role.

It is necessary to combine the aspects of historical municipal services of general interest with the requirements of an efficient and efficient infrastructure with the challenges of a modern and citizen/consumer-friendly service provision. In addition to services of general interest, the needs of business and industry for the supply of low-cost raw materials and energy must also be considered through waste management measures. The aim of recycling management is the complete or partial solution of supply issues for industry and economy via secondary raw materials and substitute fuels. At the municipal level, there are also aspects of waste disposal security, especially for households.

Changing framework conditions, such as demographic, economic and technological developments, social trends or the scarcity of resources and climate change, require a continuous adaptation of waste management infrastructure and services to future needs.

The pillars of our consulting services in the waste management infrastructure areas are based on extensive historical and current data analyses and interdisciplinary cooperation within Prognos. Our comprehensive, reliable and continuously further developed forecasting models at national and European level (e.g. waste generation, capacity developments, prices) reflect a large number of variables for the study areas. We are thus in a position to analyse market developments and requirements along the entire value chain, to evaluate market trends and perspectives as well as the competitive environment.

We are partners of public and private decision makers in the development of new strategies and in the support of robust investment decisions, strategy and transaction processes.

Prognos AG's permanent partners in these consulting segments are RSP Riemann, Sonnenschein & Partner GmbH ( and INFA - Institut für Abfall, Abwasser und Infrastruktur-Management GmbH (