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Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

"Water & Wastewater Management Facing New Challenges"

Demographic change is increasingly becoming a top issue for decision-makers in the water industry: in 2030, Germany will have about 5 million fewer inhabitants than today. This development alone could reduce water requirements by around 250 million m3. At the same time, economic developments are changing demand, water- and wastewater-intensive industries are among the losers in structural change.

More efficient water use in private households as well as in industry and trade further reinforce these effects. This naturally also leads to the question of the financial viability of infrastructures. With fixed costs of 80% or more, fee models must be developed to take account of changes in consumption habits.

Climate change also affects the water and wastewater industry: rainy winters, drier summers with increasing extreme weather conditions are changing the water supply, water demand and wastewater volumes seasonally and regionally. As a consequence, this also leads to the development and financing of adaptation measures.

However, the development of the population and the economy is not uniform in the regions of Germany - shrinking regions with lower demand are offset by prospering regions with rising demand. Successful infrastructure planning and strategic corporate development must adapt flexibly and at an early stage to these change processes. We support you with our consulting services.