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Dr. Olaf Arndt

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Dr. Jan-Philipp Kramer

Head of EU-Office | Lead of Competence Centre EU-Services
Cluster & Branchen
Prognos Büro Düsseldorf
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Clusters & Industries

Clusters & Industries

"The bundling of knowledge and competencies through thematic and regional clusters is a proven instrument for optimizing and accelerating innovation processes."

Today clusters and networks are the basis for economic progress and the development of new technologies. In order to strengthen the location and improve regional competitiveness, economic development increasingly supports the formation and expansion of clusters and networks. Clusters enable regions to distinguish themselves from their competitors and increase their presence. For economic development, this means that activities can be strategically re-bundled and realigned, thereby securing and increasing the future and competitiveness of a location.

Focusing on clusters requires a broad knowledge of local innovation and value chains. With our consulting services, we help to design cluster policies at federal and state level and to underpin them with an implementation strategy. We support regions and locations in the identification and development of cluster potentials. cluster networks themselves, we can offer support in process support, application and cluster marketing as well as in setting up technology platforms.

At regional and location-related level, the problems are often already evident in the coordinated identification and focus on clusters and fields of competence, e.g. through location analyses and the identification of industry interdependencies. The basis for successful networking is always the mobilisation of the cluster players (establishment of networks, organisation and support of cluster competitions). On the road to professionalisation, the strategy is of particular importance. Strategy plays a special role as an instrument for measuring success, as the performance of cluster management is difficult to measure.

Regular evaluations and assessments of the measures and effects form the basis for continuous improvement of the activities carried out as part of the cluster strategy. A monitoring process helps clusters to make their activities sustainably successful. Prognos AG can evaluate the development of the cluster on the basis of internationally recognized criteria and provide concrete indications for further optimization.