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Regional Forecasts & Investments

Regional Forecasts & Investments

"The economic viability of investment projects is becoming increasingly important. More and more often, comprehensive aspects of society as a whole that go beyond purely economic facts play an important role in the evaluation."

Regional economic assessments often focus on the effects of major investments, industry activities or infrastructure projects on the regional economy. Cost-benefit considerations play a special role here.

The Prognos-RegioInvestmodell ensures that the entire spectrum of direct, indirect and induced effects is analysed and that the regional economic effects are comprehensively calculated. The RegioInvestmodell is individually adapted to the regional characteristics.

Public and private investments, e.g. in large industrial areas or real estate projects such as spin-off business incubators, require careful planning in order to avoid bad investments. Courts of auditors increasingly demand proof of the economic viability of investment projects. For municipalities, economic investment assessments, e.g. in the redevelopment of urban areas, are of great importance. In addition to the purely economic effects, the diverse social and ecological effects are increasingly playing a central role in the assessment of public or semi-public property. The future effects of today's regional action, whether investments or divestments, are playing an increasingly important role in assessing the need and options for action. With the help of the regionalized national accounts (REGINA®) forecast model, the medium to long-term economic development of a region or a circle can be predicted and the effects on employment, value added and sector development can be calculated quantitatively.

We support our customers in investment planning, e.g. through feasibility studies, potential analyses and cost-benefit analyses. We calculate regional and city returns of investments and projects. We evaluate options for action with quantitative forecasting models, quantify their regional socio-economic effects and also keep an eye on the so-called intangibles effects, i.e. other soft location factors.