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Structural and regional policy

Structural and regional policy

"The efficient and effective use of promotional instruments is an important component of a successful economic policy."

Structural and regional policy is intended to boost the competitiveness of the economy and growth in the regions, but also to induce catching-up processes in the structurally weaker regions and at the same time generate significant contributions to important policy objectives, such as industry 4.0, the knowledge economy, climate protection and environmental protection. Structural and regional policy offer a wide range of these policy objectives and require the actors at federal, state and local level to concentrate their resources effectively on specific needs.  Since this involves the intensive use of public funds, the effectiveness and efficiency of this form of economic policy must be ensured. In addition, the instruments must be constantly readjusted to take up new European orientations, such as the Europe 2020 strategy.

Prognos has decades of experience at both European and national level (e.g. ERDF, ESF, Interreg and GRW) and offers a comprehensive range of consulting services.

Our advice follows the policy cycle. An effective economic policy programme must be based on the funding requirements and the funding opportunities of the target areas and sectors under consideration. In the programming phase we organize processes, create SWOT analyses, consistent program documents, operational programs, and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of ex-ante programs. For programmes with a duration of several years, it is important to evaluate the successes also during the implementation of the programme in order to be able to intervene in good time. We offer extensive experience in the accompanying research of ERDF and ESF funding programmes and the preparation of annual implementation reports. The desired structural effects often only become apparent after several years. We have suitable ex-post evaluation instruments available for this purpose.