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Better regulation

Better regulation

"The continuous improvement of methods and instruments of lawmaking, law enforcement and evaluation is a central component of state and administrative modernisation."

Important issues of state and administrative modernization are not only linked to the model of the lean state, but rather rely on qualitatively better standards that increase the effectiveness of laws and regulations. For this reason, an evidence-based policy is becoming increasingly important.

This should put the state in a better position to better anticipate and prove the effects of laws and regulations in addition to costs. The government should apply effective methods in policy implementation in order to achieve the desired effects with less effort. This can begin with the content orientation of policy, but also with the elected structures and actors. For Prognos, therefore, the evaluation of individual projects and programmes also includes the consideration of organisational and structural aspects.

Better regulation starts at all stages of the policy cycle: agenda setting, policy formulation, decision making, policy implementation and review.  The need for transparency and the desire to open up opportunities for participation have increased in recent years. We develop concepts and methods for these phases and take into account the demands for transparency and openness when designing processes with foresight and sensitivity.