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Gas & Power Transmission

Remaining competitive through careful network planning.

Renewable energies, altered load profiles - the energy transition increases the requirements for the gas and electricity grids. Careful network planning is therefore essential. It limits the grid fees and ensures competitiveness.

Gas network: Differing needs, new supply options

The gas network must be continuously adapted to new demands and energy sources. Even though the energy consumption of many gas consumers is declining thanks to increasing energy efficiency, demand is still rising in some regions. Due to the shift from German and Dutch L-gas production to H-gas, other suppliers such as Norway and Russia need to be found. In addition, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and green hydrogen offer new supply options.

Electricity grid: absorbing fluctuations in supply and demand

In 2020, renewable energies covered approximately 50 per cent of German electricity consumption. The challenge for electricity grids: volatile electricity generation from wind and solar energy. The grid must be expanded where the potential of renewable energy sources is greatest. In addition, new consumers such as electric vehicles and heat pumps create new load profiles on the demand side. In order to expand the networks in a demand-oriented and cost-efficient manner, feed-in and demand must be considered equally and their quantities must be forecast reliably. Different expansion scenarios can quantitatively underpin their probable development.

Gas & Power Distribution: A selection of our services

Demand & Volume

Forecasts By means of demand and volume forecasts, we establish the quantitative basis for network planning for all energy carriers. For this, we apply our tried and tested bottom-up models. The results are then incorporated into our studies - for example scenario framework and expert reports. 

Network Modelling

We simulate electricity and gas flows in Germany and Europe using network models.

Process Management

As a project office, we handle the process management for network development planning: For transmission system operators, we take care of organising, moderating and documenting the process.

Public Participation & Consultations

In the context of public participation and consultations, we moderate stakeholder dialogues and advise our customers on their conceptual design.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Versuche mit einer Wasserstoff-Brennstoffzelle in einem Labor

Technology & Innovation Centre for Hydrogen


The BMVI wants to promote an innovation and technology center for hydrogen. Prognos and its partners are evaluating the concepts of four German regions and investigating their feasibility.

Windrad auf einem Rapsfeld

Climate neutrality & security of supply in the electricity market


Assessment of the security of supply until 2030 of the scenarios KN2050 and KN2045 from the study "Climate Neutral Germany".

Rohrleitungsbau in hügeliger Landschaft - Rohre vor der Verlegung

Gas 2030 Dialogue Process – First Balance Sheet


Gas will maintain its role in the energy system until 2050. This is one of the results of the Ministry of Economy’s dialogue process, Gas 2030. Prognos was a contributor to the input paper.

Rohrleitungsbau in hügeliger Landschaft - Rohre vor der Verlegung

Climate Protection and Gas Infrastructure


Increased expansion of renewable energies and greater energy efficiency could significantly reduce European gas consumption and save costs. This is the result of a study by Prognos and Ecologic.

Zwei Ingenieure stehen auf einem Feld mit Windkraftanlage

Future of th electricity system II


How can the transition to a power supply based on renewable energies by 2050 be successfully managed? This question is answered by a study for WWF Germany.

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