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For an efficient state.

Just like any organisation, state and administration face the challenges of global change. Digitalisation, demographic change and better regulation are some of the central keywords. A modern, efficient and digital public administration is a foundation for growth, equal opportunities and quality of life.

How can public institutions react to changes with flexibility and agility? How does the digital transformation of the state succeed? What is the best way to assess the cost-effectiveness of an infrastructure measure, for example? How can public services remain an attractive employer? What does the environmentally, citizen- and business-friendly administration of the future look like?

We know and understand the complex demands on state and administration. With sound analyses and decades of expertise in the areas of Strategy Development & Public Management, Digital Administration & Better Regulation, Public Finance as well as Investment and Economic Viability of Projects, we accompany public institutions in the development of economic and future-proof modernisation strategies.

Strategy Development & Public Management

Organisations are more than rules, structures and budgets. Preparing them for tomorrow requires future-proof goals and systematic implementation.

Investment & Economic Viability of Projects

Effective and efficient – public investments require solid foundations for decision-making.

Public Finance

Public finance is the backbone of society and the economy. Yet the challenges it faces are numerous and complex.

Digital Administration & Better Regulation

What will public administration of the future look like? Digital, efficient and service-oriented!

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Green finance's contribution to achieving climate neutrality in Germany

| Project

What is the public share of climate protection investment? An investigation for the KfW.

Innovation & Technology Centre for hydrogen

| Project

The BMDV (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport) wants to promote an innovation and technology centre for hydrogen. Prognos and their partner evaluate the concepts of four German regions and conduct feasibility studies.

Cluster Initiatives Follow-up

| Project

For the European Commission, we evaluated the impact of the EU cluster initiatives

Green Finance's contribution on the way to climate neutrality

| Project

On the way to climate neutrality, green finance gains importance. For the first time, the total climate protection investments required to achieve the climate targets in Germany have been quantified by Prognos.

Economic development in Germany and Bavaria until 2040

| Project

Bavaria and Germany can make up for the GDP slump caused by Corona by 2022. Prognos prepared a forecast on economic dynamics until 2040 for the vbw.

City life of the future

| Project

Prognos is part of the consortium of the BMI programme Model Projects Smart Cities (MPSC).

Das Bildungsgrundeinkommen – ein Instrument der Weiterbildungsfinanzierung

| Project

Das Zentrum Liberale Moderne macht einen Vorschlag, die Weiterbildungsfinanzierung auf neue Grundlagen zu stellen. Prognos hat die Kosten des neuen Instrumentes in einer Studie abgeschätzt.

Evaluation of the cluster initiatives

| Project

For the EU Commission, we evaluate the EU cluster programmes together with CSES and IDEA Consulting Group.

Germany Report 2025|2035|2045

| Project

Germany will become more global, more digital, greener and older in the next 30 years. This is shown by Prognos Deutschland Report from 2018/2019.

Extension of the ex-ante avaluation of the EFRE subordinated loan fund

| Project

The needs of SMEs, freelancers and start-ups in Saarland for loans financed by EU funds were investigated by Prognos experts in an ex-ante evaluation of the ERDF subordinated loan fund commissioned by the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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We provide high quality work. Using sound methods, we analyse economic and political developments. For projects and processes, we provide solution-oriented and empathetic support. We have over 60 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines and provide consultancy with vision and expertise.

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