Innovation Strategies

Innovation Strategies for countries and regions.

Innovation strategies strengthen European, national, and regional economies. In the global competition between locations, a strong capacity for innovation is crucial – not just for businesses, but also for countries and regions.

Smart Specialization and the best possible innovation strategies

Smart specialisation is key to modern innovation strategies. In this line of thought, regions implement integrated, place-based agendas for knowledge-driven regional development while focusing their investments on a limited number of priorities. Specialization advantages should be further developed in a targeted manner without rigidly adhering to outdated strengths. At the same time, new opportunities for value creation should be identified in collaboration with key stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem and developed purposefully. All these factors increase success rates of public policy and the long-term competitiveness of locations.

The demand for innovation strategies is growing, not just in the business sector. Increasingly, it is a matter of developing systemic solutions and cross-innovation for regions and countries alike. Promotion of innovation should also help to overcome challenges facing society – through targeted funding models and in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG, external link) of the United Nations.

The future of innovation promotion

It is increasingly important for regions – depending on their starting conditions – to pursue place-specific innovation policies. In this endeavour, regional innovation funding should use transformation roadmaps – creating and maintaining strong partnerships both inside and outside the region, at the global level. Strategy reviews and evaluations help in improving policy skills and pointing out future development pathways in specific domains of future specialisation.

Innovation strategies for countries and regions: A selection of our services

Development & evaluation of innovation strategies

We provide support along the entire policy cycle of innovation strategies: from the initial analyses of central future topics, to the development of strategic programmes and funding approaches (in collaboration with key stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem) to the evaluation of performance and effectiveness of funding.

Strategies for smart specialization

With our Prognos Innovation Analytics toolkit we support the evidence-based development of strategies for smart specialization. We offer strategy development as well as accompanying studies and evaluations for the EU, European Member States and regions.


We advise the EU, countries, regions and individual cluster initiatives in their establishment, performance evaluation and strategic orientation.

Strategies and instruments for modern knowledge and technology transfer

We devise strategies and instruments for modern knowledge transfer and technology transfer as well as start-up support. Open innovation and innovation ecosystem models are important cornerstones of our consultancy.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Conference: Clusters meet Regions in Košice

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer presents an input paper at an EU Clusters meet Regions conference in Košice on March 29.

Innovation strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

| Project

Innovation is more and more frequently emerging across regions and industries. Together with IMP³ROVE, we developed a strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (MRH) including out-standing innovation projects.

Clusters meet regions workshop in Barcelona

| Event

The fifth Clusters meet Regions workshop will focus on sustainable competitiveness and the role of clusters in this.

Cluster meets Regions-Workshop in Croatia

| Event

The "Cluster meets Regions" workshop discusses digital transformation and interregional cooperation in Croatia.

Innovation Index Germany

| Project

How does the expansion of the digital infrastructure affect regional innovation strength? The IID.2022 provides clarification.

International Conference: Smart Specialisation

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer takes part in a panel discussion on Intelligent Specialisation Strategies.

European Cluster Conference 2022

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer and Lennart Galdiga inform in Prague about the competence centre "NRW.innovativ" and represent the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

Cluster meets Regions workshop: Baltic region clusters

| Event

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is organising the second "Cluster meets Regions" workshop with a focus on Lithuania and the Baltic Sea Region.

Cluster as motor for regional development in Andalusia

| Project

Clusters can support the implementation of the regional economic strategy. This is shown by an input paper from the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, taking Andalusia as an example.

Further development of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform

| Project

The aim of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) is to strengthen the European economy through cooperation. Together with our partners, we are developing the ECCP into a single point of contact for cluster organisations in Europe.

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