Investment & Economic Viability of Projects

Assessing risks, identifying opportunities.

Public investment is the foundation of growth, equal opportunity and quality of life. At the same time, the critical public has the right to demand public investments that are reliably planned and executed successfully.

Investments must be justified strategically or politically as well as economically. At the same time, investments in the future are never risk-free propositions. Risks often remain unconsidered, or opportunities for greater profitability and effectiveness are not fully exploited. On the path from idea to solid investment decision, all relevant political and economic aspects must be taken into account.

More than just numbers – cost-benefit analysis  

For many political initiatives and projects, a purely economic profitability assessment is not appropriate to achieve the objective. How to evaluate, for instance, the benefits of investments in the education sector or the profitability of an infrastructure measure? How to determine whether the costs of such measures are proportionate to their benefits?

To properly calculate the profitability of political measures, "soft" effects as well as benefits for society need to be taken into account. When a policy area is particularly complex, a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis must also consider, among other things, the social return on investment, indirect profitability, opportunity costs and the monetization of external factors.

Investment & Economic Viability of Projects

Market and Competition Analyses

We analyse the framework conditions, market trends and market potential of investment projects.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

We review the plausibility of feasibility concepts, evaluate them and advise on the development of business models.

Profitability Analyses

We assess profitability based on cost and revenue analyses, investment calculations, as well as risk and sensitivity studies.

Financing and State Aid

We develop financing plans using adequate private and public components.

Moderation and Communication

We support and moderate the planning process from conceptional design all the way to communication of the investment decision.

Cost-Benefit Analyses

We determine the (indirect) profitability of infrastructure projects and the social return on investment (SROI) of government-funded projects.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Poland and Hungary in the EU – an economic success story in danger?

| Project

A study of the economic ties between Poland and Hungary with Germany and Bavaria for the vbw.

Innovation & Technology Centre for hydrogen

| Project

The BMDV (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport) wants to promote an innovation and technology centre for hydrogen. Prognos and their partner evaluate the concepts of four German regions and conduct feasibility studies.

Cluster Initiatives Follow-up

| Project

For the European Commission, we evaluated the impact of the EU cluster initiatives

Evaluation of the cluster initiatives

| Project

For the EU Commission, we evaluate the EU cluster programmes together with CSES and IDEA Consulting Group.

Extension of the ex-ante avaluation of the EFRE subordinated loan fund

| Project

The needs of SMEs, freelancers and start-ups in Saarland for loans financed by EU funds were investigated by Prognos experts in an ex-ante evaluation of the ERDF subordinated loan fund commissioned by the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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