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Eine Frau umfasst eine Tasse, auf der die Europaflagge zu sehen ist und schlägt ein Magazin auf
Wednesday, 2020-07-1 | Service


In our EU office in Brussels, we support strategies for a stronger EU. With foresight, multi-disciplinary and well connected.

Monday, 2020-06-1 | Thema

Dialogue & Acceptance

Shaping social change together: Public participation and stakeholder dialog are key elements of successful planning and change processes.

Monday, 2020-06-1 | Thema

Region & Infrastructure

Regions and locations must recognise their potential, develop structures with foresight and implement future projects. Participation creates acceptance.

Finger betätigt den Fahrstuhlknopf nach oben
Monday, 2020-06-1 | Service

Corporate Solutions

Using economic analyses, forecasts and scenarios to provide business solutions for companies and industries.

Saturday, 2020-02-1 | Thema

Social Protection

A society in transition needs a robust social safety net. Social security is facing enormous challenges.