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Evaluation of Potential Adaptation Measures within the Energy, Indus-try, Small Businesses and Tourism Sectors regarding the Preparation of an “Adaptation Action Plan” of the Federal Government of Germany

The "German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change" (DAS) builds the basis for the adaptation measures of the Federal Government and will moreover be the basis for the "Adaptation Action Plan" which will be negotiated by the federal cabinet in June 2011. It is the goal of this evaluation to examine adaptation needs and strategies in all sectors which are supervised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and to assess adaptation measures. Therefore it is also the goal of this study to provide criteria to policy makers which allow a consistent and solid selection of measures across all sectors and activities. Against this background, the BMWi commissioned Prognos AG und the Wuppertal Institute to identify and evaluate the specific fields of action and adaptation measures in the sectors "industry/small businesses" and "energy" (Prognos AG) as well as "tourism" (Wuppertal Institute).

Autor: Oliver Lühr, David Helfenbein, Friedrich Seefeldt, Matthias Deutsch, Jan Tiessen (Prognos), Rainer Lucas, Miriam Fekkak (Wuppertal Institut)

Kunde: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)

Jahr: 2011

Typ: Study

Tags: climate change, renewably energy, industry, SME