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The cultural and creative industries in the macroeconomic value added chain - Impact chains, innovation, potentials

Cultural and creative industries are a harbinger for the increasingly knowledge-based economy in Germany. Thanks to their ability to solve problems and the strong emphasis placed on innovations, the cultural and creative industries act as a driver of innovation for other sectors as well and contribute to making the economy as a whole more competitive.

The objectives of the study are to describe the innovative capacity/potentials of cultural and creative industries, to quantify and qualify their value added effects and to derive recommendations for economic policy and company strategies.

Autor: Dr. Olaf Arndt, Kathleen Freitag, Florian Knetsch, Fabian Sakowski, Rada Nimmrichter, Dr. Jan-Philipp Kramer

Kunde: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Jahr: 2012

Typ: Study

Tags: creative economy, Germany