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Development of Energy Markets – Energy Reference Forecast

The core of the project "Development of Energy Markets - Energy Reference Forecast" is a forecast of probable energy industry development up to the year 2030, complemented by a Trend Scenario extending to the year 2050. In addition, a Target Scenario and sensitivity calculations are presented, along with several discussions surrounding a number of focal point topics.

Autor: Dr. Michael Schlesinger, Peter Hofer, Dr. Andreas Kemmler, Dr. Almut Kirchner, Sylvie Koziel, Andrea Ley, Dr. Alexander Piégsa, Friedrich Seefeldt, Samuel Straßburg, Karsten Weinert

Kunde: Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology

Jahr: 2014

Typ: Study

Tags: environment, CO2, emission, sustainability, energy efficiency, scenario, renewably energy, climate change