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Energy contracting: how much can it contribute to energy efficiency in the residential sector?

Energy use for space heating and warm water in residential buildings accounts for more than a quarter of the final energy consumed in Germany. Yet, energy efficiency (EE) is not a priority for most building owners. At the same time Energy Contracting (EC) has climbed high on political agendas and has even reached the headlines of EE-legislation (2006/32/EC). But the realistic potential, the limits and obstacles of ESCo products in the residential sector are not well enough understood yet, as some political statements and the limited market success tell us.

Autor: Friedrich Seefeldt (Prognos AG), Jan W. Bleyl (Grazer Energieagentur), Bernd Eikmeier (Bremer Energie Institut)

Jahr: 2009

Typ: Editorial Article

Tags: energy conservation, ESCo, energy efficiency