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Waste quantities imported from the United Kingdom for thermal treatment in Germany

Waste quantities imported from the United Kingdom for thermal treatment in Germany have more than doubled in 2014 compared to the year before. Whereas German WtE and RDF plants incinerated 0.18 million Mg of British waste in 2013, incineration amounted to 0.38 million Mg in 2014.

This is the result of research carried out by Prognos AG. When including further deliveries, the experts even arrive at figures of about 0.50 million Mg (deliveries of RDF to processing facilities for the production of high calorific fuel for industrial clients and deliveries to the cement industry). In 2014, the top 3 British exporters were Biffa, Andusia Recovered Fuels and Countrystyle Recycling with a combined share of total exports of 40 percent according to Prognos.

Other European states have received about 1.8 million Mg of British waste fractions for energetic recovery in 2014. The largest importer was The Netherlands with about 1.2 million Mg imported, destined mainly for the large incineration plants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Sweden imported about 0.4 million Mg of RDF. Other countries such as Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France and the Baltic states imported together about 0.5 million Mg. In Germany, the import of British waste fractions treated in about 20 waste incineration plants resulted in a better capacity utilisation of the 68 WtE and 35 RDF plants overall. The top 3 clients for British waste fractions were the EEW Group, Stadtwerke Bremen and GVM in Oberhausen, attaining a combined share of 45 percent of total British waste imports.

As a further effect, waste imports from outside Germany have caused spot market prices for the incineration of industrial waste to rise and thereby alleviated the economic situation of plant operators. For further information and assessments concerning the future development of waste imports for RDF and waste incineration plants in Germany, please refer to the business unit of 'waste and secondary resources' of Prognos AG.

Autor: Holger Alwast, Dr. Bärbel Birnstengel

Jahr: 2015

Typ: Expertise