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How viable are solar systems for self-supply purposes?

Study for Agora Energiewende

The falling prices of solar panels and storage batteries have made self-supply solutions an attractive proposition. Yet the potential of self-sufficiency in detached and semi-detached houses, the agricultural sector and the food retail sector is limited.

According to Prognos and Agora Energiewende by 2035 it could replace a maximum of 24 TWh of today's electricity consumption. This is equivalent to around 5 % of the present net power consumption. Prognos and Agora Energiewende offer sound figures that give a realistic image of the development of self-sufficiency business models. They provide incentives, particularly in terms of policy, where currently there is no stable regulatory framework in place.

Autor: Marcus Koepp, Leonard Krampe, Marco Wünsch

Kunde: Agora Energiewende

Jahr: 2016

Typ: Study

Tags: energy efficiency, energy conservation, photovoltaics, electricity generation, power supply