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Augsburg theatre has a positive effect on the region

Study for the Augsburg Fund for the Future

What are the regional economic effects of the Augsburg theatre? This question was examined by Prognos for the Zukunftsfonds Augsburg (Augsburg Fund for the Future) in cooperation with the funding foundation for the economic region of Augsburg.

The result: The rich tradition of the Augsburg theatre meaning it serves as a benchmark along with certain public theatres. Likewise, the effects of this venue on the living and working environment for the region are positive.

Autor: Carolin Karg, Fabian Malik, Robert Köster

Kunde: Zukunftsfonds Augsburg in Kooperation mit Wirtschaftregion Augsburg Förderverein e.V.

Jahr: 2016

Typ: Study

Tags: creative economy