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Germany’s electric Future

coal phase-out 2035

Kraftwerke werden ersetzt durch Windenergie The aim of the 2015 Paris Agreement is to limit the increase of the global mean temperature to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. The study by Oeko-Institut and Prognos shows the impact meeting these targets has on the German power sector. The German power sector in this scenario has a budget of up to approximately 4 billion t CO2, which may be released into the atmosphere in the future in total. 80% of the emissions today come from coal power plants.
The authors show how these emissions can be minimized in a robust way without risking shortage of supply. Key elements on this path are a definitive phaseout of coal power plants by 2035 and a limitation of generation accompanied
by a rapid expansion of renewable energies.

Autor: Dr. Felix Chr. Matthes (Öko-Institut), Lukas Emele (Öko-Institut), Hauke Hermann (Öko-Institut), Charlotte Loreck (Öko-Institut), Frank Peter (Prognos), Inka Ziegenhagen (Prognos)

Kunde: WWF Deutschland

Jahr: 2017

Typ: Study

Tags: emission, energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewably energy, climate change, photovoltaics, electricity generation, power supply, wind power