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Intra-European Flights and Rail

Experts from Prognos have investigated the most popular flight and rail routes in collaboration with the European Federation for Transport and Environment in Brussels. The “Short Study on intra-European Flights” investigates that highspeed trains can replace short-haul flights on certain routes. The top destinations with a travel distance of up to 600 km are mostly domestic connections inside Germany, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Air and rail are used here. Distances over 600 km are mainly flown, especially when mountains and seas have to be crossed. The train is then a real alternative, if the journey leads from city centre to city centre and travel time with the airplane are competitive. This applies, for  example, to trips between Lyon-Paris, Rome-Milan, Barcelona-Madrid and Hamburg-Berlin. The study is based on a comparison of travel times, capacities and official traffic statistics.

Autor: Stephan Kritzinger, Sven Altenburg, Amadeus Barth

Kunde: Transport & Environment Brussels

Jahr: 2017

Typ: Study

Tags: Europe, Flight, mobility