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Trend Report Digital State 2017

Project ‘Digital federalism’ – Designing digital administration in federal, state and local governments together

Germany has a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitizing its administration. In this respect, Germany currently lies only in the international midfield, but is taking steps in the right direction.

That is the result shown in a study identified by Prognos AG in collaboration with the ‘Behörden Spiegel’ in the new trend report ‘Digital State 2017’. The survey will appear for the beginning of the eponymous congress in Berlin.

Autor: Marcel Hölterhoff, Jan Tiessen, Kim Bastian Warmbrunn, Michael Fulde (Prognos), Carsten Köppl (Behörden Spiegel)

Kunde: Behörden Spiegel

Jahr: 2017

Typ: Editorial Article