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Impact Assessment of EUREKA Network Projects and Cluster Projects

Main findings and recommendations

The European innovation network ‘EUREKA’ contributes to the economic success of the participating companies.

Therefore, many companies that participated within the framework of EUREKA were able to increase their sales significantly. Already one year after the project ended, their gross revenue was about 15 percent higher compared with those companies that did not receive EUREKA support. In addition, the beneficiaries employed between four and seven percent more employees.

This is the finding of a study for the EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels, generated by Prognos AG in cooperation with Joanneum Research and the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Autor: Michael Astor, Jan-Philipp Kramer, Janosch Nellen, Jan Biela (Prognos AG), Michael Ploder, Jürgen Streicher (Joanneum Research), Michele Cincera, Gilles Fombasso Toyem (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Kunde: EUREKA Secretariat

Jahr: 2017

Typ: Study

Bereich: Economy & Innovation

Tags: research