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Status and perspectives of liquid energy fuels in the energy transition

Subsumtion Phase 1: Status quo and technology paths

Liquid energy fuels such as gas or fuel oil will continue to be necessary for mobility and heating.

In some economic branches, however, such as the chemical industry, the air traffic industry and the heavy goods vehicle traffic industry, liquid energy fuels will be practically impossible or impossible to replace with alternative energy sources.  Whereas, in the economic fields of automobile traffic and the heating sector, electric mobility and the electric heat pump will become increasingly competitive with liquid fuels.

Liquid energy fuels could be rendered more climate-friendly by making use of renewable energy. The costs for greenhouse gas neutral liquid fuels (so-called ‘e-fuels’) are currently still much higher than those of fossil fuels, though these will be significantly reduced in the future.

This is the finding of the interim report of analysis on behalf of the associations of the mineral oil industry, which Prognos conducted in cooperation with the Fraunhofer UMSICHT and The German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ).

Autor: Jens Hobohm, Hans Dambeck, Hanno Falkenberg, Dr. Andreas Kemmler, Sylvie Koziel, Paul Wendring, Inka Ziegenhagen (Prognos AG), Benedikt Meyer (FhG UMSICHT), Martin Dotzauer (DBFZ)

Kunde: Mineralölwirtschaftsverband e.V. (MWV), Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik e.V. (IWO), MEW Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e.V., UNITI Bundesverband mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e. V.

Jahr: 2017

Typ: Study