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Trend report “Digital State 2018”: On the way to digital organisation

New forms of work and controlling for public administration by 2030

A digital agenda and thinking beyond department borders: For the digitalisation of public authorities to be possible by 2030, a lot has to change. This is the outcome of the trend report “Digitaler Staat 2018” conducted by Prognos and the Behörden Spiegel.

Digital transformation will significantly change our working world—also and particularly within public administration.

In order to make the vision for public authorities become a reality in the coming decade, foundations must be laid in many fields, starting with human resource development moving right up to organisation and controlling.

The trend report “Digitaler Staat 2018” shows which methods are required to ensure a successful digitalisation of public administration work. Prognos and the Behörden Spiegel created the report in conjunction with—as every year—the congress of the same name. On Wednesday 21st of March 2018, Prognos-experts Marcel Hölterhoff and Jan Tiessen presented the study during the conference.
In contrast to previous publications that concentrated on circumstances from a macro perspective, the new trend report is more strongly focused inwards and forwards. The authors examine how public authorities need to transform on their way to digital organisation and, concerning this, discuss visions for the future working world of public administration. Thereby, the trend report focuses more closely on employees and their working environment in public authorities.

Autor: Marcel Hölterhoff, Jan Tiessen, Kim Bastian Warmbrunn, Lorenz Löffler, Malte Stecking (Prognos AG), Prof. Dr. Friederike Edel (HTW Berlin), Guido Gehrt (Behörden Spiegel, Leiter der Bonner Redaktion)

Jahr: 2018

Typ: Study