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Demand for skilled labour for the energy transition of buildings

The Government’s energy policy goals are ambitious. How this affects the demand of the working world within building technology has been examined in a new Prognos study commissioned by VdZ.

For the implementation of the energy transformation, 130,000 additional workers will be needed. In the “sanitary, heating, air-conditioning” sector (German: Sanitär, Heizung, Klima – SHK) alone 15,000 to 20,000 additional workers will be needed.

This is shown by a Prognos study for the association of building technology, VdZ, presented April 24, 2018, at the VdZ industry conference. In it, Prognos analysed the effect the energy transformation will have on the already increasingly scarce skilled labour available.

50,000 people currently work within the SHK-sector. 100,000 of them work in industry, approx. 50,000 in wholesale and approx. 350,000 in manual trades. “Our analysis shows that the skilled labour gap will exacerbate up to 2035: The SHK-sector will then have a shortfall of 30,000 workers. In addition, the energy transformation comes as a potential catalyst for the skilled labour shortfall,” explained Prognos expert Friedrich Seefeldt.

Autor: Friedrich Seefeldt, Dominik Rau, Markus Hoch

Kunde: VdZ

Jahr: 2018

Typ: Study