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Importance of liquid energy sources for the energy transition

There is still a need for liquid energy sources such as gasoline. E-fuels are an almost greenhouse gas-neutral alternative to fossil fuels. Prognos examined their perspectives in the energy transition for the associations of the mineral oil industry.

Greenhouse gas-neutral liquid energy sources can be produced by converting renewable electricity into a liquid energy carrier (power-to-liquid, PtL) with the aid of electrolysis hydrogen and carbon. Carbon can be extracted from the air or from biomass (power-and-biomass-to-liquid, PBtL). From today's perspective, these so-called e-fuels are indispensable for ensuring a largely climate-neutral energy supply.

In addition, from the point of view of consumers, certain applications of this kind of energy could in the future become competitive with greenhouse-gas-neutral electricity supplies in terms of price - and would be connectable to the infrastructure available today.

This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by the associations of the mineral oil industry, which Prognos prepared together with Fraunhofer UMSICHT and the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ).

Autor: Jens Hobohm (project management), Alex Auf der Maur, Hans Dambeck, Dr. Andreas Kemmler, Sylvie Koziel, Sven Kreidelmeyer, Dr. Alexander Piégsa, Paul Wendring (Prognos AG), UMSICHT, DBFZ

Kunde: Mineralölwirtschaftsverband e.V. (MWV), Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik e.V. (IWO), MEW Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e.V., UNITI Bundesverband mittelständischer, Mineralölunternehmen e. V.

Jahr: 2018

Typ: Study