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Fields of action for lignite regions

How can structural change in lignite mining areas succeed? A Prognos study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics reveals possible approaches and instruments.

German lignite regions should invest much more in their innovative capacity and promote business start-ups. For successful structural change, these regions should pursue economic priority and have a clear strategy.

These are some of the results of a meta-study conducted by Prognos AG on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics. The study forms the basis for the Federal Government's ‘Growth, Structural Change and Employment’ commission. In accordance with the 2050 climate protection plan, the committee has the task of developing a mix of instruments to support and foster structural change in lignite mining areas, bringing together economic development, structural change, social compatibility and climate protection.

Autor: Holger Bornemann, Dr. Olaf Arndt, Leander Schulte, Alina Ulmer, Malte Harders

Kunde: Federal Ministry of Economics

Jahr: 2018

Typ: Study