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Impact Area Analysis

Region Düsseldorf-Kreis Mettmann / Rheinisches Revier

For Düsseldorf-Kreis Mettmann's regional management, Prognos examined the region of the same name and the adjacent Rhenish lignite district for their interrelationships - and discovered not only differences, but also many potential synergies from which both could benefit.
The impact analysis outlines the spatial links between the two regions and provides an initial overview of the subject areas in which interdependencies exist, how strong they are, and where synergies can be increased further. The Rhenish lignite district development agency defined the subject areas (district nodes).

The socio-economic analysis of the two regions shows a largely positive picture compared to the federal and state levels. This applies in particular to the Düsseldorf-Kreis Mettmann region, but in some sectors also to the Rhenish lignite district. As expected, a prosperous city like Düsseldorf displays a different level of strength and dynamic than a heterogeneous, largely rural region like the Rhenish lignite district. It is in the areas of demography and the labour market that the differences between the two regions are particularly clear. 

Autor: Fabian Malik, Frederike Krinke-Häusler, Thomas Craemer, Lukas Eiserbeck

Kunde: Regionalmanagement Düsseldorf-Kreis Mettmann

Jahr: 2019

Typ: Report