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Evaluation of the BMBF framework programs Research for Sustainability FONA 1 (2005–2009) & Research for Sustainable Development FONA 2 (2010–2014)

Together with Fraunhofer ISI, Prognos has evaluated the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF) framework programs for the promotion of research into sustainable development (FONA) that have been in place since 2005. The focus of this evaluation of the FONA 1 and FONA 2 programs was based on the achievement of objectives, the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of support measures and the identification of perspectives for the programs’ further development.

FONA’s objective: The further development of research funding for environmental technologies is based on an “end-of-pipe” approach (subsequently added environmental protection measures) to systemic, inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research. This objective was achieved: This can be seen in the heterogeneity of the associations, cross-disciplinary publication activity - often with international partners - and training for new research approaches (e.g. "socio-ecological research"). The strong international focus is shown not only by their network with top international researchers, but also by the key impulses set by FONA: German research is more concerned with global environmental problems and thus fulfills its international responsibility.

Autor: Michael Astor (Prognos) und Fraunhofer ISI

Kunde: Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF)

Jahr: 2020

Bereich: Economy & Innovation