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Prognos Charging Report 2020

Electromobility, including the expansion of public charging infrastructure, is currently developing dynamically with high annual growth rates. The Prognos Charging Report 2020 conducted on behalf of EnBW (Energie Badem-Württemberg) provides an overview of the status quo of charging infrastructure.

When it comes to the geographic coverage of charging stations, there are still big differences between rural and urban areas. While large agglomeration areas have a high density of charging stations, rural areas are often poorly equipped. These numbers can be explained by the lower population density or the still relatively small number of electric vehicles - especially in regions where purchasing power is low. Charging often takes place at home or at the workplace. However, the public charging infrastructure remains an important element to ensuring nationwide access to charging facilities.

Autor: Alex Auf der Maur, Nils Brüggeshemke, Michael Kutschera

Kunde: EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Jahr: 2020

Typ: Report

Tags: Mobility