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Germany's innovation leader 2020

For the F.A.Z.-Institute and the Institute for Materials Testing, Materials Science and Strength of Materials (IMWF) we examined 150,000 innovative companies worldwide. We identified 2,700 companies as innovation leaders. Right at the front are Siemens, Audi, and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

The world economy is on the move and new competitors are appearing on the market. Radical technological innovations are on the horizon. The strength of Germany as a business location is largely based on innovative companies and German companies' innovation strength is their most important competitive advantage. "The aim of the investigation was to give a differentiating and comprehensive overview of German innovation leaders," says project leader, Dr Georg Klose. For the study, Prognos worked as a scientific partner in collaboration with the F.A.Z.-Institute and the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research.

Autor: Dr Georg Klose

Kunde: F.A.Z-Institut and IMWF Institut

Jahr: 2020

Typ: Study

Bereich: Economy & Innovation

Themenfeld: Innovationsstrategien

Tags: Germany