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Costs and transformation paths for electricity-based energy sources

Final project report: "Transformation paths and regulatory framework for synthetic fuels"

In order to achieve climate protection goals by 2050, the use of electricity-based energy sources is vital in the long term. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic affairs and Energy we determined the costs and transformation paths of various electricity-based energy sources. 

With the aid of renewable electricity, it is possible to produce greenhouse gas-neutral energy sources in the form of hydrogen and gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons. However, these processes involve relatively high conversion losses. But some of the energy sources can continue to be used in existing infrastructures and consumption systems. There is also a chance that German manufacturers of the key technologies required will benefit from a possible ramp-up of electricity-based energy sources. Which begs the question what potential transformation paths for electricity-based energy sources might look like and which costs are linked to them.

Autor: Sven Kreidelmeyer, Hans Dambeck, Dr Almut Kirchner, Marco Wünsch

Kunde: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Jahr: 2020

Typ: Study

Themenfeld: Strom & Erneuerbare Energien

Tags: electricity generation