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Effects of the state minimum wage on pension evolution

Does the state minimum wage influence pension development and individual eligibility for pensions? Prognos explored this question on behalf of the Minimum Wage Commission. The study was published at the end of June with the Minimum Wage Commission's third report.

On 1 January 2015, a statutory minimum wage was introduced in Germany. In addition to the frequently examined effects of the minimum wage on target figures such as wages, employment, working hours, productivity, earning position or competition, the statutory minimum wage can also have an impact on social security systems and in particular on future pensions. These impacts for example, could result from wage, employment, working time or price effects. The study is concerned with the potential impact of the minimum wage on the pension system as a whole, and with how possible effects of minimum wage-induced wage changes could impact individual pension rights.

Autor: Dr Oliver Ehrentraut, Philipp Kreuzer, Dr Stefan Moog, Heidrun Weinelt

Kunde: Minimum Wage Commission

Jahr: 2020

Typ: Report

Themenfeld: Soziale Sicherung

Tags: Germany