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Felizitas Janzen

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The Prognos trendletter

Circular, not linear

The Prognos trendletter

The linear economic model no longer works. The implications of centuries of “take”, “make”, “use”, “dispose” are becoming ever more noticeable. Environmental problems are intensifying. Distribution conflicts are increasing. We are faced with the question of whether this system, in which resource consumption and economic growth are coupled, is not also profoundly uneconomical, because it destroys the very premises upon which it is built. It is no secret that if we continue as before, we will soon need a second earth.

It is possible to switch to a circular economy – a model that recognises the value, but also the finite nature of resources. The Circular Economy model offers great economic opportunities for Europe and Germany. The motto is: Redesign. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Read in the new trendletter how we steer the economy in new directions.

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Content of Issue No. 1, 2019:

01  I   Editorial Take, make, use, … (PDF)
02  I   A good idea Smart usage of urban raw material reserves (PDF)
04  I   Article Circular Economy - more than the sum of its parts (PDF)
06  I   Interview The linear approach does not work any more (PDF)
09  I   Article For a circular Union – learning from Europe! (PDF)
10  I   Article Waste as raw materials (PDF)
11  I   Article What is left of cars  (PDF)
12  I   Article Ecology meets technology  (PDF)
13  I   Article  Organising the transformation – from patchwork to strategy (PDF)
14  I   Enabler technologies German technologies – global opportunities (PDF)
16  I   Article Circular Society: collective repairs and sharing (PDF)
18  I   Lab report Close the loop – a model for the Circular Economy (PDF)
20  I   A good idea Wanted: repair bonus for Germany (PDF)
21  I   Article The economic footprint of the Circular Economy in Europe (PDF)
22  I   Viewpoint A future strategy for industrial policy in Europe (PDF)
23  I   About us Selected projects (PDF)
25  I   About us Retospective (PDF)


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