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Basis for your transport planning

World Transport Report 2015/2016

Basis for your transport planning

The World Transport Report has become indispensable tool for traffic planners and decision makers. The 2015/2016 edition marks the 7th publication. Its easily comparable and consistent database is of particular relevance. Furthermore, it illustrates the mutual dependency between socio-economic and transport-specific data.

Analyses and Forecasts of Freight Transport up to the Year 2040.

The World Transport Report provides comprehensive analysis and forecast data regarding crucial parameters of freight transport. It encompasses 12 EU Member States and 8 further global economies. The report focuses on how different modes of freight transport will develop over the period covered. In addition, it predicts road and rail vehicle mileage and the development of the road haulage vehicle fleet.


Report structure

Executive Summary
Methodology and database

  • Forecasting characteristivs
  • Comments on the database

Data by countries
Data by parameters

  • Socio-ecoomic developments
  • Freight transport


Short-term and Long-term outlook: 

  • Short-term: 2015 | 2016 | 2017 
  • Long-term: 2020 | 2030 | 2040