Region & Infrastructure

Identifying, facilitating and shaping individual regional advantages.

Succeeding in the competition between regions and locations requires recognising individual potentials early on and utilising them in a targeted manner. To advance location and real estate development, the conception and implementation of gas and electricity grid investment projects or the expansion of infrastructure in a future-oriented manner, the needs and opportunities of tomorrow must be recognised.

The accompanying changes often directly affect the everyday lives of citizens and companies' economic environments.  How can the need for action be mapped and evaluated systematically to ensure the effective use of public funding and private investment? How do supra-regional developments affect our location? How do we shape a sustainable energy economy? And last but not least: How can we involve the public in the process?

With a great deal of experience, we support regional and supra-regional stakeholders, institutions and leading decision-makers in the crucial issues of Cohesion Policy and Regional Development, Real Estate & Location Development, Waste & Secondary Raw Materials, Gas and Electricity Grids as well as Dialogue & Acceptance. We develop concepts, investment plans and strategies together, and together we implement them.

Cohesion Policy

Structural and cohesion policy makes regions competitive and stimulates structural change by setting clear objectives and involving stakeholders.

Regional Strategies

To survive in the competition between regions means: to recognise individual future opportunities in good time and to make targeted use of them.

Real Estate & Location Development

Successful location and real estate development has a close eye on regional market development and future customer needs.

Waste & Secondary Raw Materials

Modern waste and resource management protects the climate, the environment, and resources. It is a core element of the Circular Economy.

Gas & Power Transmission

The energy transition increases the requirements for gas and electricity networks. Careful network planning limits network charges and ensures competitiveness.

Dialogue & Acceptance

Shaping social change together: Public participation and stakeholder dialog are key elements of successful planning and change processes.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Panel discussion: An EU-wide landfill ban on untreated municipal waste

| Event

Dr. Bärbel Birnstengel presents the results of the study on the CO2 reduction potential of the European waste management industry at a panel discussion in Brussels.

Workshop: Measuring territorial innovation potential

| Event

Dr Jan-Philipp Kramer presents in Seville on the European Commission’s smart specialization framework.

DG REGIO – Evaluation of the European Green Deal

| Project

How effective has the EU cohesion policy been in driving green change in Europe? This and other questions are being investigated jointly with COWI, Milieu, and CSIL, on behalf of the European Commission (DG REGIO).

Klima-Hackathon in NRW

| Event

Studierende verschiedenster Fachrichtungen aus NRW haben die Chance, Lösungsansätze für die unternehmerische Klimaanpassung zu entwickeln.

Webinar: Monitoring the Transition to Circular Economy

| Event

Jannis Lambert and Tim Bichlmeier talk about monitoring concepts for the Circular Economy and present a self-assessment tool.

Dutch Circular Economy Week: Workshop on circular business models

| Event

Greta Dekker presents the work of the Green Economy Network (KNUW) and introduces participants to circular business models using a learning game.

Interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung

| News

Energy expert Dr Almut Kirchner talks to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung about the Swiss energy system.

Innovation strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

| Project

Innovation is more and more frequently emerging across regions and industries. Together with IMP³ROVE, we developed a strategy for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (MRH) including out-standing innovation projects.

Cost model for the disposal of single-use plastics

| Project

Manufacturers will have to pay the costs of collecting and disposing of single-use plastic products through a special levy. We developed a cost model for the Federal Environment Agency.

Innovation Index Germany

| Project

How does the expansion of the digital infrastructure affect regional innovation strength? The IID.2022 provides clarification.

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