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Management & Support

What you need.

A neutral institution to ensure the success of your project with expertise and empathy that regards your planning and decision-making processes in their overall context.

A well-organised intermediary between all stakeholders, who supports you not only with professional expertise but also in operational and conceptual matters.

What we offer.

Independent and empathic support and management. We accompany and facilitate the processes of your project from conception to communication. We consider the social system in which your project is planned, communicated and decided upon in its entirety. With understanding and reason, we work together with you to make your project a success – for us, people are the central factor.

Coordination and organisation. Even in complex, long-term projects, our experts maintain an overview and coordinate measures and sub-projects. We work on a project-financed basis and focus entirely on your project.

Management & support: A selection of our services

Support for participation processes

In stakeholder dialogues and citizen participation, different interests often clash.  As an objective mediator, we take into account the views of all participants and thereby facilitate successful dialogue processes. Learn more about this service at Dialogue & Acceptance.

Conflict moderation & mediation

Conflicts are often unavoidable when dealing with issues of societal significance. By engaging in a direct exchange with those involved, we identify the various points of view and resolve conflicts before they escalate. If the frontlines have already hardened, we develop proposals for solutions and compromises.

Project & approval management

By assessing risks and involving stakeholders at an early stage, we ensure that your project's schedule and resources remain within the pre-defined framework. This includes careful planning, transparent communication and a process organisation that provides a necessary roadmap while remaining flexible.

Setting up & operating project offices

We accompany and manage long-term programmes and committees. As a project office, we handle organisation, facilitation and documentation of processes. We connect various stakeholders, coordinate publications and contribute to their content. Throughout this process we keep not only the big picture in mind but also the small building blocks that make up successful programmes.

Strategic communication

When communicating with stakeholders, we translate highly complex content into appropriate, understandable language and put it in accessible formats.

Your topics – our expertise.

You are engaged in relevant topics and future issues from the economy, politics or society? So are we! Learn more about our expertise.

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Dr Axel Seidel

COO, Partner

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Prognos – Providing Orientation.

Prognos is one of the oldest economic research centres in Europe. Founded at the University of Basel, Prognos experts have been conducting research for a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors since 1959 – politically independent, scientifically sound.

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