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View our explanatory video here (German)

What are models – and how do they function

View our explanatory video here (German)

The strengths of our model concept – at a glance

  • Mature: It took more than forty years of development to make our models what they are today. Time and time again, they have shown to be a notch above the very best models created in academia  and other areas of consultancy.
  • Interlinked: Depending on the task at hand, our sub-models can be interlinked to reveal interdependencies as well as overarching and integrated aspects of a problem issue.
  • Scientific: At the heart of our modelling is a profound knowledge about the functionality of the segment in focus and its underlying dynamics.
  • Proven: For many years now, we have been applying models to analyse frequently recurring questions. This enables us to retrospectively check the results and continuously make them more accurate.
  • Robust: We point up the interactions and dynamics of the respective segments with well-founded arguments that are underscored with sensitivity computations.
  • Flexible: Emerging new questions call for new calculation methods. Our models incorporate a modular design which allows them to be adapted or extended to fit specific problems.

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The Prognos models in detail The Prognos models in detail