Society & Welfare Systems

Shaping a strong society.

Our society is ageing – and it is changing. Welfare systems are being restructured, values and norms reinterpreted. For societies, this is often accompanied by great uncertainty. More than ever, states are required to fulfil their fundamental responsibility: they must offer people a stable framework, provide orientation and deliver answers.

How, for example, can (more) equal opportunities be created in education? Is our pay-as-you-go pension (still) sufficient, the minimum wage adequate and is care for the elderly and the sick guaranteed? What kind of role should art and culture play in the future?

A strong society needs robust strategies for the future. We contribute decades of experience and strategic competence in the areas of Family Affairs, Children & Youth, Social Security, Education as well as Cultural & Creative Industries.

Family Affairs, Children & Youth

Targeted support and better compatibility of family and work – strong families empower society and the economy.

Social Protection

A society in transition needs a robust social safety net. Social security is facing enormous challenges.

Health, Care & Inclusion

Independent living and equal participation in society: To ensure this, we challenge the status quo and help improve the provision of care and support.


Education is the most important resource of the knowledge economy – this makes education and training essential to the German national economy.

Cultural & Creative Industries

Economic factor and driver of innovation - culture and creative industries create solutions to meet social and economic challenges.

Our work on this topic

Take a look at our latest projects and activities.

Cross-innovation success factors for the cultural and creative industries

| Project

Interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation are characteristic of the cultural and creative industries. Prognos investigated which factors promote cross-industry cooperation.

Inflation – extra burden and relief for family households

| Project

Calculations on inflation-related additional private household expenditure and the work of the Federal Government's relief package.

Report: Testing Digital Health Care Services in Medical Practices

| Project update

Prognos evaluated the testing of digital health care services in everyday practice in the health care areas of diabetes mellitus and headaches/migraines.

Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries in the EU


The research paper "Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries in the EU" provides an overview of the European Union's funding instruments for cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in the new funding period 2021-2027.

The situation of single or separated parents

| Project

The 43rd Family Research Monitor presents new figures, facts and study results on the situation of single and separated parents in Germany.

Learning from the Corona crisis

| Project

Experiences and new impulses for company reconciliation policy.

Digital Higher Education

| Project

Prognos AG has been evaluating the BMBF's funding activities in the research field of "Digital Higher Education" since the end of 2020.

Services for families in Germany

| Project

Family education and family counselling facilities in Germany have a wide reach and support people in different social situations. This is shown in a study for the BMFSFJ.

Das Bildungsgrundeinkommen – ein Instrument der Weiterbildungsfinanzierung

| Project

Das Zentrum Liberale Moderne macht einen Vorschlag, die Weiterbildungsfinanzierung auf neue Grundlagen zu stellen. Prognos hat die Kosten des neuen Instrumentes in einer Studie abgeschätzt.

ZDF Germany Study 2019

| Project

On behalf of ZDF, we examined the external living conditions for families and senior citizens in Germany's 401 districts and independent cities.

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