Strategy Development & Public Management

Clear goals to improve structures & processes.

What distinguishes successful organizations? Clearly defined goals and the steady improvement of their structures and processes. This is particularly important in the public sector since public administration is subject to much more complex target systems than the private sector.

Strategy consulting – systematically shaping a future-proof public sector

This is where our strategy consulting services come in: Only organisation who systematically address the trends and challenges of the future, reflect on their objectives and deal with their strengths and weaknesses will be able to shape their development in a future-proof manner. Within the framework of strategy consulting, clear priorities are set and feasible goals are defined.

Organizational consulting – implementing strategic goals

The goal of a good organisation is to support and implement strategic alignments. Organisational consulting answers key questions: Which tasks should be carried out in the future? How should reports, departments and processes be structured? Which personnel and skills are required? How can organizations react in flexible and agile ways when faced with changes?
To us at Prognos, organizations are more than fixed rules, structures and budgets. We make sure to take into account the skills, expectations and attitudes of employees. This is what systematic change management is about, anchoring improvements in the organization in the long term.

Strategy Development & Public Management: A selection of our services

We support participatory strategic processes, develop strategic mission statements, set priorities and tangible goals, and design their implementation.

We improve organizations through systematic critical task assessments, analysis of the existing organizational structure, process optimization and the determination of personnel requirements.

We analyse personnel structures and skills and help ensure sustainable "demography-proof" personnel development.

We support the implementation of changes as part of systematic change management and through professional project management.

We make success measurable with systematic evaluations of organizations and establish professional tools for controlling and reporting.

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